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Poetry for Trash is a gift economy were you can exchange poems for trash.

Poetry is of the planet and helps us belong. Let’s keep the planet clean and our poetry free. We go to rivers, public parks, and forests to install signs that kinda look like dog poop stations except they have a nest full of poems and big pink heart, which ask:


How much trash is poetry worth?

Step 1: Pick a poem

Step 2: Pick up the trash you think it’s worth

Step 3: Give your own poems for trash

This is a movement to keep our public parks clean through poetry.




Why is poetry a solution to pollution?  Because purification starts from within the heart.  The value of voluntarily picking up trash from public parks, forests, and neighborhoods cannot be measured, it too is a gift. By exchanging poems for trash, the hope is to transform  trash from waste into an opportunity for economic gain, and to preserve poetry as a sustainable, practical, educational, and enriching practice  for the planet and all its inhabitants.

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