From the editors: As lovers of poetry and literary crusaders against pollution, we were so interested to hear about this new project, Poetry for Trash. We asked founder and director John-Michael Peter Bloomquist to tell us about the project, his inspiration, and what poetry and trash have in common. Here’s what he had to say: … Read More

A poem from Han Shan    I’ve lived out tens of thousands of years on cold Mountain. Given to the seasons, I vanished among forests and cascades, gazed into things so utterly themselves. No one ventures up into all these cliffs hidden forever in white mist and cloud. It’s just me, thin grass my sleeping… Read More

The first poem that was sold by a local Richmonder reenforced  my desire to use the heart sign.  This girl was about to tear out a poem from her book by one of my all-time  favorite poets, Jack Gilbert, but I asked her to write it out instead on a piece of paper: Married I… Read More

:   One of my favorite insects next to the scorpion is the spider. “Grandmother spider” my friend called this one that began to weave its evening web above our heads. She was huge, big as a silver dollar. Folk tales connect the spider with the alphabet, language, and poetry: she weaves her web and… Read More

Today was an amazing success! I am so thankful for all of these people and all of the poems that they contributed.   A local Richmond poet recited a poem from memory!  Some love for Whitman  Some more love for Whitman , and cleaner river for him too.    These guys made it work    … Read More

    .  Good Faith   In Lewis Hyde’s book, The Gift, he discusses the differences between usury and gift as it relates to faith. Usury today means lending at an outrageous interest rate; however, in the past it meant lending money at any interest. Around the 15th century, the belief that a harsh government… Read More

    Brethren: a word often used in monastic communities to  identify  another as one’s kin through a mutual belief. I now have two new roommates, both of them moved in while I was out of town for almost a month, visiting my fiancé. They took good care of the house while I was gone,… Read More

Earlier this summer I tried to make the poems more noticeable by painting on them, and they sold out within a few days! .  … Read More