.  Good Faith   In Lewis Hyde’s book, The Gift, he discusses the differences between usury and gift as it relates to faith. Usury today means lending at an outrageous interest rate; however, in the past it meant lending money at any interest. Around the 15th century, the belief that a harsh government… Read More

    Brethren: a word often used in monastic communities to  identify  another as one’s kin through a mutual belief. I now have two new roommates, both of them moved in while I was out of town for almost a month, visiting my fiancé. They took good care of the house while I was gone,… Read More

        I found this orange copy of Sappho  in a pile of books that the English department of Indiana University was giving away for free, plus some other supplies, like plastic sheets that I could use to set up Poetry for Trash  stations. This summer my partner Victoria and I took a bus from… Read More

Earlier this summer I tried to make the poems more noticeable by painting on them, and they sold out within a few days! .  … Read More